Cub Sport Soars In Angelic & Exposed “Sometimes” Video


Cub Sport is back to indulge our ears with sonic sensations, stunning visuals, and relatable messages. Their new tune "Sometimes" is a moving piece that gives off serious 80′s vibes, with a twinkling synth underneath the rhythmic melody leaves room for the message of love. 

You can feel the emotion behind the lyrics, "Sometimes I feel / Like my heart has been split open / You see everything I'm hoping / I'm a river running high." The sense of exposure and freedom is emulated in the music video as lead singer Tim Nelson bares his chest in an angelic haze. With flowing effects and blurring transitions, the video gives off Chris Issak "Wicked Games" vibes, but "Sometimes" isn't out to gain the affection of someone else, but rather the affection of one's self. As the song progresses, the guitars, vocals, and organ synth chords build and soar to fill you a wave of audiovisual highs.

Speaking to the making of the song, lead singer Tim Nelson recalls:

"On the afternoon that I wrote and recorded the song, I was out on a run listening to it back. When the chorus kicked in I had these visuals of lights and rapid motion come to mind which made me think of Madonna's 'Ray Of Light.' The aesthetic, performance and editing in that video have always stayed with me - the energy is palpable and so intense! Sometimes gives me that same feeling, like it's brimming with energy, so I wanted the accompanying video to be an homage to that but imbued with a serene Cub Sport vibe."

"Sometimes" is an angelic love letter to one's self, confessing that the world contains uncontrollable forces, and it's ok to feel overwhelmed. Cub Sport has  transformed from local indie band to global pop powerhouse. After a year of musical successes, the Brisbane group is altering the idea of mainstream with their new single "Sometimes." Using their platform to continue promoting love, the group is making sure everyone around the world is living a fearless life full of self-love.