Cuco Captures the Resounding Joy and Averageness of Owning a Honda ”CR-V” in New Video


The Honda CR-V is a compact crossover SUV that has been manufactured by Honda since 1995. It is also the subject of Cuco's wondrously lighthearted new music video for "CR-V." 

"CR-V," which serves as the closing track for Cuco's Chiquito EP, is the very embodiment of what makes the Chicano heartthrob a star for a new, previously unrepresented generation. Against a high school graduation background and atop bubbly production, Cuco waxes poetic about all the joy and resounding averageness that comes with being the owner of a compact crossover SUV. It is this approach to both his songwriting and particularly the music video for "CR-V" that makes Cuco feel like such a refreshing and important artist.

While the bedroom-produced "CR-V" sounds nothing short of remarkable, its tale is one the unremarkable day-to-day life of a kid growing up in South Los Angeles. From "picking up my homies in my CR-V," "I look like a mom in my CR-V," to "Kick it with my boo thang in my CR-V," Cuco paints a picture that the majority of teenagers can relate all too well with, and it is exactly why we love Cuco so much. The young Chicano artist is turning the day-to-day reality of so many youths who until now were not typically portrayed in the media into wholly infectious music and in this case, video.

Watch the video for "CR-V" below:

For more from bedroom pop sensation Cuco, make sure to catch him this February as he is joined by Los Retros and KWEST on the 'Los Shows De San Valentin' tour.