CYN and Aquilo Are a Perfect Melancholic Match in the“I’ll Still Have Me” Remix


Earlier this year, budding pop star CYN released the single "I'll Still Have Me." The sentimental and empowering piece was an absolutely haunting showcase of the artist's palpable talent for imbuing overflowing emotion into her work. It's hard to imagine a more heart-piercing rendition being possible, but what are artists if they can't defy expectations?

The officially-released remix of "I'll Still Have Me" does not see a tropical house producer or anything of the sort giving the single a beachside vibe, but instead sees atmospheric indie duo Aquilo elevating what was already a near-perfect perfect to even heavenlier heights. The UK duo substitutes the lonely resonant guitar that comprised most of the core structure of the original in favor of a sweeping piano melody and string section. The newly restructured piano ballad, which sees Aquilo and CYN's airy emotive vocals intertwining to magical effect, may just be one of the most evocative outings of the year.

And despite its more melancholic nature, thanks to the Aquilo boys who love nothing more than a sad song, "I'll Still Have Me" still retains its underlying message of finding comfort in the independence that results from heartbreak. So, heartbroken or not, light a candle, pull a blanket over yourself, and cinematically stare off into a glass pane window as the rain streaks past, and play out "I'll Still Have Me" to your heart's content and delight.

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