CYN’s Debut “Together” Makes Us Fall in Love


You may not know CYN, but chances are you soon will. From humble beginnings of growing up outside of Detroit, Michigan to being discovered purely by chance by Katy Perry, CYN has all the makings of a star in the making story with the talent to make it a reality. CYN's debut single "Together" makes It is all perfectly clear why Katy Perry instantly fell in love with her in the first place.

"Together" is a fluttering pop song that is the perfect accompaniment to the summer and beyond. CYN's voice floats over a highly infectious tropical backing beat with such lucidity that it immediately gives off the feeling of floating on thin air. CYN draws us into a carefree realm where the skies are always clear, the sun is always shinning, and it is all the result of a particular kind of love:

"A kind of love where separation is unfathomable, that’s what 'Together' is about."

CYN's romanticism reverberates throughout every moment of "Together," and it would be an understatement to describe it simply as lovely. CYN has managed to craft a debut single that is reminiscent of the simple beginnings of pop as a genre, with the genre's fascination on a remarkable and true love, and all while adding her own unique and modern flair.  

Stream CYN's debut single below: