D. Muñoz Struggles Through a Troublesome Relationship in “Comfort” Video


D. Muñoz may just be one of the few artists who can claim to be a former boxer, which may just explain why his music hits like an empathic punch to the heart. The first-generation American recently released his latest project, MOMENTS, and fans across the globe have been absolutely loving it. As a special treat to us, D. Muñoz has shared the cinematic visual for "Comfort," which appears on his latest EP.

At just 20 years old, D. Muñoz has mastered the ability to draw in his listeners with every emotion possible. In the "Comfort" visual, we observe D. Muñoz's tumultuous relationship as it wavers between constant highs and lows. Between the shattered picture frames and broken hourglass, the "Comfort" music video has us completely in our feels, with D. Muñoz's evocative vocals serving as the emotional crux of it all. 

On the "Comfort" video, D. Muñoz shared,

"Thank y'all so much for all the love… This song is one of the most personal records I've made and I'm happy you guys like it."

Watch the "Comfort" video below: