Darci Stays In The Zone And Away From The Phone With “Won’t” [PREMIERE]


Masked-duo Darci returns to the scene with another downtempo gem. Known for their unique blend of the R&B, hip hop, and electronic sounds, their new song “Won’t” showcases this distinct specialty.

The track alone is a sonic landscape as it utilizes colorful audio effects to give off a notable edge. Aside from the arrangement, the panning effect on the synths provide a dark tone while the robotic sound on the vocals play to the pair’s electronic side and thematically relates to their elusive identities. Caught in between the “things that [they] want with things that [they] need,” Darci is looking for more substance when it comes to authentic connection far beyond that of a handheld device. Speaking on the tune, Darci said,

“We made this song one night in the studio when our phones were blowing up, stressing us out, and distracting us. That’s where the idea started. The song is really about being in the moment and ignoring your phone. But it’s also about isolation and how sometimes when you’re stuck in your head you might shut people out. In the end, as always we hope people find their own story in the song.”

“Won’t” focuses on being present as opposed to being plugged in all the time and reflects on personal connectivity and the loneliness of the social media age. Though it’s easy to feel bogged down by the pressures of real life, a life on Instagram can feel a lot more empty.