Day Wave’s “Still Let Me Down” Is a Candid Recollection of a Failed Relationship


Day Wave could not have released new music at a better time. The solo project of Oakland-based Jackson Philips, Day Wave's lush brand of indie rock is evocative of the summer. With an innate talent for crafting a hazy, sunny atmosphere and the instrumental and production prowess to execute that vision brilliantly, Philips is a lasting sensation. His latest release, "Still Let You Down," makes full use of his penchant for distinctive indie rock with outstanding pop hooks to tell a story of a failing relationship.

"Still Let You Down" is the first release since Day Wave's noteworthy debut album, The Days We Had, and it finds him at his most intimate and polished. Opening on a progressive series of rapid keypresses that would make LCD Soundsystem proud, Philips takes no time at all before filling the soundscape with rich and varied textures. One of the most wonderful things about the Day Wave project, which is exemplified by "Still Let You Down," is how freely it morphs. From ethereal indie pop, grunge-tinged, to hypnotic psychedelia, Philips seamlessly blends a range of influence into a cohesive dream.

Yet, beyond the beauty of the track itself, "Still Let You Down" speaks to the importance of honestly accepting fault in a relationship you had a hand in letting fall apart. Singing, "Honey I'm running to hold you now / But I still let you down," it is difficult not be momentarily taken aback by Philips' candid songwriting. The juxtaposition gives the entire affair an undeniably endearing and mesmerizing quality that leaves us yearning for more from Day Wave.

Listen to "Still Let You Down" below: