Disco Shrine Pays Tribute to the American Dream in “Everyday”


An anthem for the daily hustle, Disco Shrine releases her highly anticipated new single, “Everyday,” on Nov. 9. The track is a follow up to her previous song “Up In The Air” which details her parents’ experience immigrating to America from Iran to give her a better life. “Everyday” is about seizing that opportunity. 

“Everyday on my own” is a chorus that signifies the hard work and dedication that goes into achieving “the American dream.”  People will doubt your abilities, but in the end, you have to believe in yourself in order to get where you want to be in life. With striking synths, passionate vocals and an energetic hip-hop beat, the single evokes an empowering message focused on fighting for one’s dreams. The opening verse, “Mama made it so the world’s at my feet” details Disco Shrine’s mother’s sacrifices for her daughter.  

A highly sought after DJ who has toured throughout the US, Disco Shrine loves bringing the community together with her distinctive synth pop sound. This time, she surprises fans with a hip-hop vibe courtesy of Omenihu’s infectious rhymes. “I knew I wanted Omenihu for this track because he was going through a lot of similar changes as I was. At the time, he was just making the big jump to leave Austin and his whole life behind to move out to LA and pursue his dreams. The timing of it all just worked out perfectly,” she shared. 

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