Discover 2017’s Next Teenage Breakout Superstar: Khalid

One of the features I love so much about Spotify is that the platform's design allows you to see what your friends are listening to at any given moment. Stumbling across the "Friend Activity" sidebar as I powered up the app, I noticed a name that read unfamiliar to me: Khalid.

Curious to see what I had been missing out on, I clicked the artist's profile and was surprised and intrigued to see five different singles on the page boasting over 30 million streams. One song in particular, "Location," had an astounding 26 million streams only since its August 2016 release. After a bit of Googling and social media stalking, I discovered that Khalid is only 18 years old, singing about age-old troubles like love and love lost in the digital age of social media and not wanting to "Fall in love off of subtweets," (a real line from "Location").

In 2013, we witnessed the debut of the one and only Lorde, who sang about how we really never will be "Royals." 2015 brought us Alessia Cara who helped us admit that we actually hate social interaction. 2017 just may in fact be the year for Khalid, the barely-out-of-high-school superstar from El Paso, Texas who likes to sing about media obsessed heartbreak.

With clear influences like Frank Ocean (Khalid's Soundcloud account includes a very impressive cover of Ocean's "Lost"), Khalid adds a unique perception to the already impressive list of R&B tracks floating around the internet. "Hopeless" has remnants of 80's pop music, with beats that can rival those of Carly Rae Jepsen's sleeper hit "E·MO·TION." Throughout each of the five tracks released on Spotify, Khalid's voice oozes with charisma wise beyond his years and lyrics to match.

Falling in love over the internet is a dangerous game, but I'm ready to play if it means Khalid can continue to create the soundtrack to my sorrows.

Khalid kicks off a US tour this Thursday in Chicago. Below is a list of tour dates: