Ditch Earth In a Convertible With gabriel black’s New Single, “goodbye”


Gabriel black is back. A master of creating otherworldly visions of loneliness, black dropped jaws and filled playlists with his beautiful life EP earlier this year. He treated each single in the EP as a masterpiece of its own, crafting captivating hand-drawn lyric videos out of materials you'd find in a school classroom. The multifaceted nature of his releases sets black apart, as he combines his unique visuals with laid-back vocal delivery, feel-good chords and hard-hitting, decadent production. His latest single, "goodbye," is no exception, and comes with a lyric video made by black himself. There still isn't a face to gabriel black, but for now we're pretty content with the avatar he drew for himself.

The video for "goodbye" mirrors the playful quality of black's music, isolating and dark lyrics paired with the comical absurdity that we all face in day to day life. He orbits the moon in a convertible complete with a "saboy" license plate while singing,

"Shoot me to the moon in the car that's on the news. Maybe I'll kaboom, end up falling to my room. Rather end in ashes than be locked inside a tomb. Burn up in the atmosphere, oh mama what a view."

The lyrics of "goodbye" hit home, describing a desire to cut ties with earthly worries and run into the unknown. Black gives his listeners an outlet for their darkest thoughts, providing company and understanding to those oversaturated with society's expectation of constant happiness. That being said, "goodbye" has the versatility of being included in upbeat playlists too. Want to be the most cutting edge spin instructor in town? This is the track.

Give "goodbye" a stream and a watch, and keep gabriel black in mind the next time you need a sadboy shoulder to lean on.