Divino Niño Create a Psychedelic World of Wonder [Q&A]


Photo By: Ash Dye

Divino Niño is a Chicago-based Colombian and American rock band. The band is comprised of Camilo Medina on vocals and guitar, Javier Forero on vocals and bass, Guillermo Rodriguez also on vocals and guitar, Justin Vittori on keyboard and percussion, and Pierce Codina on drums and percussion. Their knack for blending psychedelic rock sentiments of the past with niche sub-genre styles of today have made them stand out.

After the release of their latest single, "Made Up My Mind," we caught up with the band for a quick Q&A about how they've been surviving quarantine, live music, and more!

Ones to Watch: Congratulations on the new single! “Made Up My Mind” is the first track you've released since 2019’s album, Foam. If you could describe “Made Up My Mind” in three words, what would those three words be? Are you working on any other projects your fans can look forward to?

Divino Niño: Sorry. Dumbass. Cagarla. Yeah we’re working on a new LP which will hopefully be out next summer.

Unfortunately, due to COVID, you were unable to go on tour and perform at a number of festivals/events. What's one of your favorite memories from a live show that you've performed at?

Performing a karaoke cover of Believe by Cher at Lincoln Hall at the beginning of the year was definitely a performance highlight. Lot of buddies got on stage to sing with us and it was really fun.

How have you been able to use this time, whether it be artistically or personally?

Stretching and meditating every day, which has kept me semi-calm.

Pretty much just working on the record, sending files back and forth and meeting here and there. It’s coming along nice and slow.

What are some things that have kept you all grounded during these unprecedented times?

Drinking beers with homies in the back porch, reading outside, listening to really fast music while cleaning.

If you could only pick one album to listen to while in quarantine, what album would it be?

Feels so Good by Chuck Mangione

Listen to "Made Up My Mind" below.