Doja Cat Leans Into “Mooo!” While Proving Her Worth Beyond the Meme


Photos: Ken Franklin

Newcomers to Doja Cat might only know her for the viral lyric, "Bitch, I'm a cow!" But the hometown stop on her current tour proved that she is loved for much more than "Mooo!" On Sept. 21, fans packed the Echoplex to celebrate her recent album, Amala, with opening performances from StarBoi3 and Wes Period.

The space filled up quickly ahead of the appearance of the night's first artist, as many roamed around to buy drinks and merchandise, while others staked out a spot in the center ahead of the sound booth. Several awestruck children were escorted by chaperones to safe spots on the side and in front of the stage to view the show without getting a contact high. I can't imagine that they were successful.

When Doja Cat's emcee announced StarBoi3, he came charging out on stage with fast bars that rocked the crowd. They say no one dances in LA, but everyone was eager to put their hands in the air at this show. Shortly after StarBoi3 sprinted through his set, the livestream began with WAV, which would broadcast the rest of the night to fans at home. 


Wes Period aka Wes Dot was welcomed to the stage with a huge energy; it seemed that Doja Cat was not the only draw for the show. Wearing a loud-patterned red shirt, Period flew around the stage. His live presence was inviting, exciting, and amusing, which altogether made for lasting memories, especially when the crowd rattled the Echoplex singing along to "Big Bag."

Then, in neon yellow-and-pink glory, Doja Cat emerged, immediately jumping into the music. Her career is marked by DIY beats and bedroom recordings, but her sound could fill a stadium. For "Nintendhoe," "Go To Town," and a few other tracks from Amala, half of the phones in the audience went up. Fans were dedicated to capturing the moments and sang along to every line of every song. Doja Cat's lyrics are generally funny and seem to be the key to her fame, though her hips drew plenty of attention at the live show as well.


Predictably, several cow cosplays could be found in the crowd, though some put more effort into it than others. During the break before the encore, a few of those bovine fans were pulled onstage to participate in the so-called Moo Challenge, where the object is to replicate Doja Cat's dramatic booty pops featured in the "Mooo!" music video. As the emcee foundered about who was better, the song started up again, and Doja Cat walked up for the night's last "Mooo!"