Dounia Is a Boss Lady In New Video For “How I See It”


Photo: Mary Fix

Queens, NY and Morocco are clearly producing royalty. Growing R&B pop boss girl Dounia released her debut EP, Intro To, at only 20 years old. She's already toured with R.LUM.R and Jordan Rakei, and continues to gain millions of Spotify streams and media attention.

Dounia is a fresh young voice of her generation, as she steadily sharpens her witty lyricism and unapologetic flow. She asserts herself as a forward-thinking musician that fans and listeners can relate to as she invites them into New York with "East Coast Hiding," reigning as her most streamed song. Then, she reveals her love for the underdog with her anthem, "Shyne."

Be witness to Dounia's talents with the new music video for  "How I See It." As the editor and director, she depicts herself in an NYC apartment, then moves scenes to a mysterious back alley with her beau. Dounia sings the commanding chorus "I ain't tryna gas ya/ you know when I mean it," with as much conviction as she has style. 

Get a taste of her love story, her confidence, and her boss lady-ness in the video below: