Dylan Dunlap Faces Consequence For His Actions With “LiarLover” [PREMIERE]


Photo: Sydney Prather

Sometimes we get too caught up with our emotions that we reluctantly make wrongful decisions. Much of this can be equated in Dylan Dunlap's music video for his gutting song, "LiarLover," as it follows the moments before and after a heated fight between a loving couple, resulting in grappling consequences.

Creating contrast between the sweet moments and the more remorseful ones with dark and light coloring, we see the couple enjoy moments of pure bliss and moments of unadulterated regret. You can even hear this conveyed in Dunlap's vocal performance, especially just before the second chorus, as he exclaims "both good and evil are misunderstood." The subject matter of this song seemed to hit home with Dunlap. Talking about the tune, he said,

“What I love most about art is that it’s subjective. ‘LiarLover’ was written about the struggles of experiencing a falling out that my co-writers (Ben Zelico & Kirk Adolph) and I could all relate to last year, but this music video has its own unique narrative. Joel Edwards (director) listened to the song an unhealthy amount of times and ended up presenting this beautifully cinematic approach for the visual. We fell in love with it and made sure we did anything we could to make his story come to life.”

"LiarLover" is a recount of misguided actions and how they lead to moments of epiphany. We all stumble and trip over our own feet before we finally figure out what it is in this life that truly matters. At the end of the day, we all must realize "the liars and the lovers got to make a change," and that change starts within.

Having opened for One Republic earlier this year, Dylan Dunlap is on the rise. The former The Voice contestant is launching his solo career on a high and reminding everyone of the masterful songwriter and artist he is. Music is a powerful outlet for Dylan Dunlap, so be sure to look out for more of his music early in the new year.