EDEN’s “i think you think too much of me” EP Has Arrived


The first four songs on EDEN's latest i think you think too much of me EP are literally titled "sex," "drugs," "and," "rock + roll," but they sound nothing like you might imagine. The young Dublin-based vocalist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist presents such themes with innovative indie-electronic production and emotive lyrics that cut much deeper than the surface level associations with sex, drugs, and rock & roll…so deep that "sex" even caught the attention of pop leading lady LORDE, leading to the major Facebook compliment below:


The following songs “Fumes,” “Circles,” and “XO” are updated versions of his releases under his previous alias, The Eden Project. "XO" is still our personal favorite and the song that initially warmed us up to EDEN's distinct musical style.

Watch the moving music video for "drugs" below, catch the rest of EDEN's catalog here, and be sure to order your copy of i think you think too much of me here