Electronic Auteur filous Shows Us What His View Looks and Sounds Like [TABLES TURNED]


Photo: Harry Deadman

Evolution is at the core of filous' sense of artistry. From an innately talented instrumentalist, to a gifted beatmaker, to a fully-realized auteur, filous is crafting electronic music that is all his own. And it seems to be taking hold in the musical community far and wide. With millions of monthly listeners and praise from legions of tastemakers, filous is likely to be a name on everyone's lips in the years to come (even if they may not be able to pronounce it correctly). 

An artist on the cutting edge of synthesizing delectably infectious acoustic elements and electronic bliss, we invited the rising artist to step in the editorial wheelhouse to show us the sights and corresponding sounds of his world.

filous, klei - "Bicycle"


This is a picture I took of klei listening back to a recording of her improvising the bridge of the song. I love the contrast of her going into the recording booth immediately turning into this high energy performance machine and then coming back calm and focused ready to analyze her take.

Bibio - "Town & Country"


I used to go visit my Grandmother who lives in the country almost every summer. Now because I am traveling so much I, unfortunately, don’t get to visit her quite as often. This is a field of wildflowers near her house. This picture and this song always make me want to go to the countryside.

Golden Vessel, Elkkle. E^ST & Duckwrth - "BIGBRIGHT"


My friend Max aka Golden Vessel came to Vienna to work on some music together. He played me this song when we went to the studio the first time, and I completely freaked out. That Kellogg’s NASCAR shirt is a true certification of his coolness.

Jade Bird - "Lottery"


This song makes me feel like falling in love at the amusement park, in the summer.

The Beach Boys - "In My Room"


My Room is constantly growing and changing. Jamming in here is the most fun.

KYTES - "Remedy"


I’ve been making a lot of music with the KYTES over the last 2 years. As you can see we are always working very hard and sometimes it can get very stressful.