Electronic Jazz Duo Brasstracks Unveils Part I of NYC-Dedicated ‘For Those Who Know’ Project


Powerhouse electronic-jazz duo Brasstracks has released a new six-track EP, For Those Who Know Pt. I. Rich with their signature brassy horns and high-energy jazz, the first half of their latest project features an abundance of talented collaborators–Robert Glasper, The Underachievers, BXRBER, FATHERDUDE, and S'natra. Ones To Watch is excited to delve into the new EP just ahead of our upcoming All Eyes On Brasstracks live performance and interview video dropping this week.

An early standout track and recent single from the new EP (Brasstracks' biggest project to date) is "Brownstone" featuring the very soulful BXRBER. The UK vocalist sings about his love-at-first-sight experience with New York City. For this reason, the Brooklyn-native duo behind Brasstracks (trumpeter Ivan Jackson and drummer Conor Rayne) felt an even more intense personal connection to the track. As they explained, it's a heartwarming moment to recognize visitors' newfound amazement of the iconic city they've grown up in and are certainly fond of, but over time have lost the spark of infatuation with.

"When You Say That" is a particularly joyful, instrumental track off the new collection. With a repetitious hook that will undoubtedly move listeners to the dance floor every time, we can only hope the song is a reflection of positivity radiating throughout the duo's lives. Title-track "Those Who Know" was the first single in advance of the EP, dropped in early September as a taste of what was soon to come. Its lyrics seem to get very intimate and reveal personal details of their experiences from youth that perhaps still affect them today. Jackson debuted his vocals on this track, singing, "When I'm comfortable to talk / only whispers from me / Opportunities do stop / but did I want to be free? / For those who know, it was never enough."

The duo shared the significance of their For Those Who Know two-part project:

“'For Those Who Know' is the first time we’ve felt comfortable in our own skin making a project. It’s a confessional, it’s a coming of maturity, it’s an ode to New York City. In Part I you get to know our roots. We poured our hearts into this, we hope you dig it.”

The brassy electronic fusion duo rose above the noise on Soundcloud early on, as something about their feel-good, horn-saturated electro beats clearly resonated with fans and tastemakers alike. Brasstracks became known for their broad musicality and skilled arrangements, which are demonstrated in many of their popular covers like Lil Uzi Vert's "XO Tour Llif3" or Kanye West's Rihanna-featured "All Of The Lights." The producers also have gained recognition for their growing number of originals, including "Say You Won't" and their much-applauded collaboration with Masego on "Melanin Man." The duo even shared a Grammy-win for their production work on 2017's Best Rap Performance: Chance The Rapper's "No Problem."

Soak in the glorious new Brasstracks EP For Those Who Know Pt. I below:

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