Electronica Master O Mer Seizes The Sun In “Icarus”


When describing electronic music, there is a natural tendency to refrain from descriptors that are associated with the natural or innately human–electronic music is a thing of mechanical and artificial precision, so it should be described in such terms. O Mer's brand of electronic music, however defies this very notion, requiring us to make use of these very descriptors we shy away from. "Icarus" is a living, breathing testament of the emotion O Mer infuses into his work–a meticulously crafted electronic creation that exudes humanity.

Omer Schonberger, the Tel-Aviv born artist who is currently based in Brooklyn, is the man behind the electronic project known as O Mer, and beyond that, little is known about the enigmatic artist. Following the current trend of releasing a single a year, O Mer has returned yet again to allow his music to speak for itself, which may very well be one of the most appealing aspects of O Mer. With little to go on beyond the track presented before us, the listener is left to decipher the meaning hidden behind it all, perusing over every chord and lyric with the essence of a puzzle yearning to be solved. When O Mer sings, "Why do you do this to yourself," is he singing to a lover, a friend, the listener, or himself? As O Mer remains shrouded in the shadows, he puts all of himself in his work, resulting in a track abound with evocative prowess that pulls on one's heartstrings.

Production-wise, "Icarus" is nearly flawless. Reminiscent of Radiohead's Kid A electronic infused leanings, evocative of James Blake level and style of production, O Mer is clearly a master of his craft. The series of swirling arpeggios, coupled with O Mer's at times modulated quivering vocals exudes a sense of introspection. Akin to the Icarus of myth, "Icarus" is a track that questions human failings caused by our innermost faults. And while Icarus may have fallen reaching for the sun due to his inner failings, "Icarus" seizes the sun, void of any such failings.

Listen to “Icarus" below and keep an eye out for new music from O Mer this Fall: