Ella Vos Searches For Answers In Fragile New Single, “Cast Away”


Ella Vos is leading the pack of wildly popular electro-pop females currently taking the music industry by storm. Best known for her 2016 viral hit, "White Noise," Vos locked herself in as one to watch with her 2017 album, Words I Never Said. Since then, she's been knocked back by a lymphoma diagnosis and the trials of treatment. Clearly not one to accept defeat, Vos is back with the harrowing first song from her new EP, "Cast Away."

"Cast Away" feels familiar, beginning with the nostalgic tone of the living room piano in a childhood home. When drums come in, the songs retains a laid-back, gentle feel despite picking up in energy. Vos has mastered her vocal delivery, warming the track with melodies that nurture the place inside that's stirred by her difficult lyrics. Adding "new mother" to her plate as well, the real life inspiration behind "Cast Away" is powerful. Vos explained the inspiration behind the single, 

“‘Cast Away' - that’s how I felt while writing this song. I was exhausted, dragging myself along, and tired of everything around me. I'd just released my first album. I'd overcome post-partum depression. I should have been inspired, but I was collapsing. I hadn't yet been diagnosed with lymphoma; but I knew something was wrong. I was so tired of being tired. This song is the moment before everything crashed, and I realized there was nothing I could do.”


Though heart-wrenchingly real, "Cast Away" doesn't leave the listener hopeless. Vos is inspiring in her artistry and in her journey as a woman, and her voice speaks for many who might be facing a similar tidal wave of tribulations. Check out "Cast Away" now and stay tuned for her forthcoming EP.

Revisit Vos' "All Eyes On" performance + interview below: