Ella Vos, VÉRITÉ, Icona Pop, & Mija Speak Out Against Hate in New ACLU Remix


Since her breakthrough in 2017, Ella Vos has proven time and time again that she is an artist for the people. Even within her stage name is a hidden message of unity. "Ella," pronounced a-yah, translates to "she" in Spanish and "Vos" means "you." Therefore "she you," which is meant to represent the universality of the human experience. Considering her powerful overarching message of love and acceptance, her recent ACLU remix of "You Don't Know About Me," with fellow artists and political activists Icona Pop, Mija, and VÉRITÉ comes as no surprise and is a testament to all of the artists' dedication to being strong voices in our present political climate.

"You Don't Know About Me" was originally featured on Vos' 2017 debut album, Words I Never Say. Accompanied by an equally inspirational music video, the original is written from the perspective of a mother who yearns to see a world where women are in control of their bodies and rights. These feminist themes are expounded upon in the new remix, as Vos and company expand their platform to speak out against all forms of prejudice, specifically homophobia.  

You may have heard of the gay couple who in 2012 wished to purchase a wedding cake from Colorado bakery Masterpiece Cakeshop but were turned away by the owner due to his religious beliefs that condemn same-sex marriage. A landmark case, which was backed up by the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), went all the way up to the United States Supreme Court in 2017 and concluded with a controversial ruling in 2018. This heartbreaking story is what served as the inspiration for the song's ACLU remix.


Musically, the remix is a slight departure from the original. With a more electronic feel, the remix introduces shimmering textures and the inclusion of vocals from the all-female crew. More than the music, the powerful message and good cause behind the remix is overwhelmingly significant. All the proceeds from the remix will be donated to the ACLU, whose mission is "to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties" of all Americans.

As Vos explained in a Coveteur interview:

"I think one of the most important things about music is to reflect what's going on in the world. That's something I've always felt responsible to do. I feel so free when I express [these messages], and I know that when I experience those [feelings] through other people's music, it makes me feel like there's hope and importance to life."  

Take a listen to the inspirational remix below: