Elley Duhé Builds on a Massive Summer With “WAY DOWN LOW”


Elley Duhé is in the midst of a massive summer. From dropping the potential anthem of the summer with superstar DJ Zedd to releasing yet another shimmering single, it is Duhé season. The shimmering single in question is "WAY DOWN LOW," a powerfully moving song with a message of hope.

Duhé's rapid emergence onto the scene has not only established her as a lasting voice in the world of pop, but with her latest, she proves herself as a more than capable songwriter. There is a certain cinematic quality to the slow-building track. Lacking any grand crescendos or typical pop-minded clichés, Duhé distinguishes herself from her cohorts. Instead, drawing forth a cascade of energy through the track's subtle fluctuations. Rather than relying on a singular explosive moment, the entirety of "WAY DOWN LOW" feels monumental. Duhé's voice is commanding, containing a pristine beauty that never undercuts the importance of her words. As the message of the song is undoubtedly important, with Duhé sharing,

"I simply wrote 'WAY DOWN LOW' for us. All of us. Together. Never give up on yourself or on the good people in this world or the future. I don't know much, but I do know better days are ahead for us all."

With this song, Duhé has herself become a beacon for those very people going through the same low times she once experienced. At the end of the day, "WAY DOWN LOW" is an exquisite downtempo pop song, but more than anything, it crystallizes what music means to so many people–a way in which to feel connected to and supported by something greater than ourselves.

Listen to "WAY DOWN LOW" below: