Elley Duhé Imbues an Undying Optimism in Her Latest Pop Stunner, “SAVIOR”


Rising singer and songwriter Elley Duhé is in the middle of an explosive year, and she shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. From lending her effervescent vocals to Zedd's hit single "Happy Now" to releasing her acclaimed debut EP DRAGON MENTALITY, the past year has seen the emergence of a prominent new voice in the world of pop. We originally praised DRAGON MENTALITY for serving as an impressive demonstration of Duhé's diversity as a solo artist, and it's hard to think of her crafting a better debut. Well, turns out she thankfully proved us wrong.

"SAVIOR" serves as a bonus track to the previously released DRAGON MENTALITY, as well as yet another stirring showcasing of Duhé's massive amount of early promise. Produced by Grammy Award - winning producer Rahki, Duhé pens a powerful ode to loving, helping, and inevitably saving one another. There is an overarching sense of buoyancy and hope that pervades "SAVIOR," as Duhé makes allusions to immortality and togetherness over an array of electronic-tinged production. It's difficult to not feel a certain call-to-action to protect what you cherish most, as Duhé's impassioned vocals burst forth to create a track that feels like so much more than a bonus track. Duhé shared the following on "SAVIOR,"

"'Savior' means rule 1: Family first. Pure love = Family. Always protect and cherish the family that loves you unconditionally."

In many ways, "SAVIOR" is the exact sort of pop anthem we need right now. Duhé imbued SAVIOR"  with an undying optimism that finds power in the act of helping one another, and crystallizes that sentiment in an infectious bout of production and lyricism.

Listen to "SAVIOR" below: