Emma Sameth, Jeremy Zucker, and WOLFE Link for the Idyllic “Spin With You”


Emma Sameth, Jeremy Zucker, and WOLFE are all artists whose impressive sense of musicality lends them an air of otherworldliness. So, when you put them all together in a room, it comes as no surprise that they leave with the perfect track to smoothly drift you into the year to come.

"Spin With You," which also marks the debut single from Emma Sameth's R&B and indie-pop - centered project, is the reason why the phrase floating on cloud nine exists. From start to finish, the track is pure euphoria. As Sameth and Zucker trade sweet nothings atop idyllic production, the result is left-of-center pop perfection that knows no bounds. Existing in a dreamlike realm of Sameth, Zucker, and WOLFE's creation, the only trespasser is a series of delectable guitar licks that only serve to accent an already magnificent piece of work. Sameth spoke on creating "Spin With You," sharing,

"This is a song I want people to de-stress to. It came about very naturally and fun so I hope people feel the same when listening to it. The song came together with that sort of musical momentum artists always dream of. The vibe was worked out quickly, the lyrics, the vocal takes, everything."

It is this serene momentum that makes "Spin With You" such an infectious collaboration. It is the sort of song you can see yourself never tiring of, as Sameth, Zucker, and WOLFE drift you away to a plane of utter tranquility.  

Listen to "Spin With You" below: