Emmit Fenn Reimagines Coldplay’s “Yellow” to Beautifully Cinematic Effect


Singer, songwriter, composer, and producer Emmit Fenn has a natural gift for creating music that is defined by its grand, cinematic soundscapes. The Berkeley, California, native's past works have largely seen him utilize sonic shades on the darker end spectrum, leveraging the expanse of textured grays, whites, and blacks to bring to life truly captivating indie electronica. Fenn's latest sees him venturing into more colorful musical territory while still retaining his penchant for lush, sweeping production. 

Fenn's rendition of the Coldplay hit "Yellow" is nothing short of spellbinding. Inspired by both the original and Katherine Ho's cover, which was featured in the 2018 film Crazy Rich Asians, Fenn lends a unique minimalistic take to the song that makes it completely his own. From the reverberant piano to Fenn's airy, almost-whispered vocals, Fenn's reimagining of "Yellow" is likely to make your hair stand on edge from its very opening moments. Yet, what is so poignantly beautiful about Fenn in this moment is found in his found is masterful restraint.

This is a cover so meticulously and delicately crafted that it would be easy to run away with grandiose crescendos, forsaking the core sentiment at hand. Rather, Fenn demonstrates an exceptional command of production elements and vocal styling to deliver a rendition of "Yellow" that is resoundingly sincere and tender. This is sonic bliss in its purest form.

Listen to "Yellow" below and keep an eye out for Fenn's debut album, which is due out in 2019: