Emotional Oranges Leaves Nothing Unsaid in Sophomore Single, “Personal”


Emerging just a couple months ago with their debut sultry single "Motion," the mysterious duo Emotional Oranges has returned with another slowed down alternative R&B track entitled "Motion." 

The pair boldly lays out a slew of upfront lyrics presented by alluring male and female vocals. Its an eclectic mashup of groovy beats and flirtatious suggestions wrapped up into a complete package of a bluesy enchantment that has taken alt-pop by storm. Their recent releases have garnered considerable attention from audiences in anticipation of an upcoming bigger project, but here's what Emotional Oranges had to say about "Personal":

"The project is coming together. In the meantime, we hope you have good make-up (and break-up) sex to this song."

Unapologetically honest and direct, Emotional Oranges takes a plain-spoken yet creative approach to their music. They put intimacy out in the open and their candid presentation of ear-catching vocals and warm beats make are simply irresistible. Listen to Emotional Oranges' sophomore single "Personal" below: