Enter the 80s Pop Dream That Is ABRA’s “Crybaby” Video

Awful Records leading lady, otherwise known as ABRA, just released a brand new video for her recent hit "Crybaby." The 80s-sounding synth pop song is the last song to be released from her PRINCESS EP out now. “Crybaby" balances the bright energy of ABRA's vocals with the low saturation of 80s drum patterns to create a pastel feel for the song. If we were in the 80s, this song would be a strong soundtrack contender for any Eddie Murphy movie about to come out.

The Zaiba Jabbar-directed clip follows ABRA, some friends, and a male counterpart through various abandoned desert locations. You can't help but get lost in the vibe of the video. Watch the full clip above and see ABRA's upcoming PRINCESS tour dates below.

London - 7/15

Atlanta - 7/28

New York - 7/30

Los Angeles - 8/3

UPDATE: Listen to ABRA's PRINCESS EP here.