Eryn Allen Kane’s Timeless Motown Rhythm Will Make You “Feel the Need”


Upon first listen, critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Eryn Allen Kane evokes strong Detroit Motown era vibes. It shall serve as no surprise that she was actually born and raised there. With Detroit roots, a smooth soulful tone, and an effortless R&B rhythm, Eryn's new single "Feel the Need" fully delivers. The song's striking yet soaring performance fills that Motown appetite. Eryn has been quietly cementing herself as one of the best contemporary R&B soul singers, and this song serves as proof.

"Feel the Need" echoes Eryn Allen Kane's essence, uplifting and everlasting. There is something sweet in the air once she makes her presence known. Her wise lyrics spew positivity, "Baby you've got a song to sing, so you might as well shout." That feel good energy continues as she sings "show them love and watch the fear leave their eyes." Her soulful positivity ties everything together.

Greats like Prince and Stevie Wonder not only admire her talent but also enlist her help on their own projects. Prince invited her to join him on "Baltimore," and Chance the Rapper has collaborated with her to create "Sunday Candy" and "Miracle." Stevie Wonder has expressed admiration, and Diana Ross has enlisted her impeccable writing abilities. It seems as though R&B's best kept secret is finally out.

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