Everything Will Be ayokay


"Truth is you hold me back // Maybe I love you, I’m too young for that // And I know your expectations got me feeling trapped," sings Baker Grace on "Too Young" with budding producer ayokay. Electronic in nature, while creating a brand new sub-realm within the dance genre, Alex O'Neill (a.k.a. ayokay) has built a strong reputation within just two year's time. 

What's unique about ayokay is his ability to create tracks within traditional EDM confines–deep drops, upbeat and danceable choruses, and bright vocalists that shine through his beats–while simultaneously crafting a sound tailored for late night chill sessions with friends. 

During high school, O'Neill began making music with longtime friend Mike Temrowski who produces under the name Quinn XCII. The two continued making music after graduation, collaborating on tracks such as "Kings of Summer" which became Ian Desmond of the Texas Rangers' famous walk up son and landed them a record deal with Columbia Records.

With continued success on recent songs like "The Shine" and "Too Young," ayokay has rapidly made his way into dance music's elite–performing alongside Gryffin in an upcoming show at Bottom Lounge, Chicago.

While we're waiting for a debut album from the Los Angeles-based artist, you'll find us listening to ayokay's EP on repeat: