Examining The Mystery Behind The Japanese House


Photo: i-D Vice

The Japanese House kicks off her North American headlining tour next week– starting in Columbus, OH at the A&R Music Bar and hitting 23 cities plus three festivals.

With three EPs released under her belt, Amber Bain received much acclaim for her live performances during her stint as the opener on The 1975's UK tour last year. The 21-year-old behind The Japanese House name has a dreamlike, ethereal quality to her music, comparable to the legendary Imogen Heap, paired with electronic beats evident from collaborations with The 1975′s George Daniel.

In this i-D Vice article, Amber Bain decides that her music is “a sad little puppy listening to Beyoncé to cheer itself up,” though her inspiration from musicians like Fleetwood Mac are more evident in her songwriting abilities.

So why "The Japanese House" and not "Amber Bain"?

Bain has released music under a pseudonym so that the listener cannot make any snap judgments based on the gender assumption behind the artist's first name, according to this NME article. She said,

"A lot of female musicians, if they use their own name, get described as 'female artist blah blah blah.' "By taking away a person's identity, all you have to focus on is the music, which is kind of cool."

While Bain continues to make her mark on the music industry under her mysterious band name, sad songs and funky beats, time will tell whether or not that puppy will finally start wagging its tail.

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