EXCLUSIVE: Boy Willows Is Distinctly Offbeat and Wildly Experimental in “So Odd”


Photo: Christina Casillo

Rising talent Landon Fleischman creates a mystifying resonance under his moniker, Boy Willows. The LA-based artist offers a deep amalgamation of experimental folk-pop, jazz, indie R&B, and psych-pop that's paired radiantly with his honeyed vocals. With his hypnotic cadence, disruption of ordinary lyricism, and singular disposition, Boy Willows' overall presentation is smooth-flowing like water.

We're elated to give you a first listen to his dazzling new single, "So Odd." Embracing his own idiosyncrasies with lines like, "You might think you're odd but you're not odd like me," Boy Willows travels off the beaten path with unfathomable curiosity. In the same vein, he interjects the uncommon use of disco to his already unconventional alt-folk atmosphere to great effect. Ultimately, Boy Willows develops a composition of incandescent rhythms backed by a distinct kind of charm that sounds and feels as authentic as it comes.  


Photo: Nikoli Partiyeli

Boy Willows went deeper into the significance behind "So Odd," 

“Every now and then I have to remind myself why I love this odd little noodle in the mirror. Leading up to this song, I was feeling real shabby and doing a lot of comparing. I wanted to wash away that thought process with some lavender soap, and I did.”

Originally from Maryland, Fleischman is a recent graduate from USC. His first song under the name Boy Willows was "I'm Good", which was released in December 2016. To date, it has racked up over 850,000 streams on Spotify alone and quickly landed a spot on the streaming service's "Fresh Finds" playlist before ascending to the ninth spot on its Viral 50 list. Since then, he's dropped two more tracks, including the recent standout single "Flawlessa." Boy Willows is now gearing up to introduce the world to his debut EP, Woods at Night, later this year.

In the meantime, enjoy your first listen to "So Odd" below: