EXCLUSIVE: Knox White Makes a Grand Return With Prince-Inspired Single, “Good Bi Girl”


We last heard from Knox White in February, when he debuted his single "You've Been My Girl," a retro heartbreak masterpiece that would make both Michael Jackson and Prince proud. Lucky for us, White is still seriously in his feels. Following his Weeknd-esque single, "The Morning (Feat Nikki Segal)," his latest release, "Good Bi Girl" has the same gentle intensity of a timeless R&B/pop classic but with a twist. White brings that classic sound into the 21st Century with modern production, squeaky clean guitar licks, and his distinct vocals.

The song grooves hard from the start, but play "Good Bi Girl" in a room full of people and their heads will turn in awe once White begins singing. Fierce yet smooth, husky yet clear, the singer's tone is full of dichotomy, which makes for an incredibly rich listening experience. He's got a style that voice lessons simply can't teach, and uses it to carve out soulful tracks.


As many up-and-coming musicians do, White spent some time in LA as a bartender. While working, he had several run-ins with his icons Lionel Richie and Paul McCartney. Both of whom gave him sage advice to focus on the live aspect of his performances: stay true to his sound and humble in his delivery. White took this advice to heart, as one does with advice from two of the most influential musicians of all time, and let "Good Bi Girl" come from an honest place. He says,

"The song is just a classic tale of meeting someone and everything being perfect and just out of the blue, everything crumbles. After recently going through a breakup, the song wrote itself in about 15 minutes."

After spending some time in New Orleans learning from local greats, White decided to come back to LA, room with producer Josh Legg, a.k.a Goldroom, and get to work. The two toured around playing live shows at various festivals, including Coachella, all the while White was hard at work on his self-titled forthcoming EP and new live show, set to debut in July.

You can hear Prince, Michael Jackson and even Lionel Richie in his sound, but the artistry in his delivery is the ability to pay homage to the greats while retaining an entirely unique sound.

Stay tuned for upcoming tour dates, but for now spice up a playlist or two with "Good Bi Girl."