Exclusive Music Video Premiere: Brandyn Burnette - “Set In Stone”

If we had to describe Brandyn Burnette in one word, it'd have to be progressive. It not only applies to his music, which he's fittingly coined progressive soul, but it also characterizes his overall essence as an artist: always improving, always innovating, and always creating. Today's exclusive premiere of Burnette's "Set In Stone" stop motion video only further validates that essence. 

While we initially got hooked to "Set In Stone" when it was released as part of the State I'm In EP in June, the visual adds a brand new, deeper element to the song by bringing its divine lyrics to life in a not-so-conventional manner. The video's animator Eric Leiser explained,  

“Working on ‘Set in Stone’ was incredibly meaningful to me in that I was allowed to intuit the core feelings of the Moses story and translate them into expressive visuals that eerily pertain to what is happening in the U.S. currently. My merger of stop motion puppet animation with live action elementals of lightning and water allowed the piece to be a potent hybrid of a real and animated world. The music was my guide leading me through the wilderness to the promised land of completion which is usually the hardest final step. Once completed the piece takes on a life of its own; I hope this one strikes a deep chord within people.”


As for the meaning behind the song's lyrics, Burnette shared with us,

"I don’t like to tell people exactly what I write each song about, but this record is essentially about destiny & the human instinct to try to control the things that happen to us. I am fascinated by the story of Moses from the Bible because he was born in a kingdom under crazy circumstances & when he grows up & is confronted with his past, he chooses to leave the kingdom, sets out on a spiritual journey- falls in love, starts a family, wrestles with God & sets out to free the Jews, eventually leading them out of Egypt. When paralleled to my own life, I feel like the essence of the song is about the greater purpose behind everything and about keeping your values & intentions straight throughout the process."

Well there you have it–a song with a message and a tastefully expressive video to match. For more on Brandyn Burnette, watch our recent interview below and keep up with him here