EXCLUSIVE: My Brothers And I Laments “Temporary Love” in an Irresistible Soul Pop Track


Photo: JR Gonzalez

Summer is in full swing, and if you’re longing for an irresistible beach jam without an overly gushing tale of a fleeting summer fling, “Temporary Love” is the song for you. Premiering here today, “Temporary Love” is the latest single from Portland-based indie pop band My Brothers and I. Pulsing with fervent energy and driven by bitingly honest lyrics, “Temporary Love” is the subtle complement to the summertime love song.

“Temporary Love” drapes slick pop hooks and richly layered harmonies on a framework of undeniably groovy rhythms, resulting in a refreshing sonic blend of crooning alt-pop. Lead vocalist David Wurgler’s voice is soulful, mesmerizing, and sensuous as he navigates shimmering falsettos and complex vocal runs with ease. Wurgler’s impassioned vocals are well-suited to the song’s lyrics, which detail frustration and disillusionment at the meaningless nature that plagues modern-day relationships.

The song opens smooth and subdued, with hints of bluesy influence peeking through layered snaps and a steady bass line. Wurgler croons, “Just want to have some fun / you only do it ‘cause it’s easy,” referencing the hollowness he sees in hook-up culture. Relinquishing the restraint of the opening verse, the chorus surges with slinking guitar as Wurlger laments impersonal encounters. Lyrical frustration builds throughout the song, ultimately manifesting with a swell of sound. Wurgler then harnesses the full soulful power of his voice, impressing with a warbling falsetto and vocal improvisations through the conclusion. Wurgler was kind enough to share the personal nature behind the heartfelt lyrics of “Temporary Love” with us,

“‘Temporary Love’ is a song that I had the lyrics for since my days in high school. I just saw the world around me and what seemed to be a common theme was some of my friends and people I cared about were going after the wrong people…Being sick of seeing that I was inspired to write those lyrics. ‘Temporary Love.’ It feels like so many people chase around temporary, fleeting love and waste time when they could be looking for the real thing with someone who actually cares about them.“


My Brothers and I is the project of the Wurgler brothers-David, Erik, and Scott-and childhood friend Jordan Roach. Coming together after years of playing in separate bands, the group sent out a text to friends saying “My brothers and I are going to play a show together tonight,” and the name stuck. Since the release of their debut album Don’t Dream Alone in 2015, the band has been gaining significant traction. There’s a good chance you’ve already heard their work, with several My Brothers and I songs featured on major television shows like Queen Sugar and Pretty Little Liars.

With such commercial accolades and boasting a large following in their native Portland, My Brothers and I is poised for an eventful year ahead. The band’s forthcoming EP arrives August 17, with several west coast tour dates to follow. The young band has shown musical maturity beyond their years, and “Temporary Love” simply further cements that My Brothers and I have grand things ahead.

Check out the lyric video for “Temporary Love” below: