EXCLUSIVE: Natty Reeves’ “Good As Gold” Is Heartbreak at Its Finest


Natty Reeves is back with his single "Good As Gold," and it will melt you to your core. The UK-based artist puts expert musicianship in the spotlight, allowing his guitar to frame his brutally honest lyrics without distraction. He's been featured on Spotify's "Butter" and "Jazz Vibes" playlists and his single, "Canoe" has racked up over two million streams on Spotify alone, a testament to his musicianship as the track is completely instrumental. "Good As Gold" is the first track from his forthcoming EP, and is 4 minutes and 35 seconds of jazzy bliss.

I recently stumbled upon a Scandinavian word that cannot be directly translated to English called, hygge and (pronounced "hoo-gah"). It basically encapsulates the feeling of coziness on a cold day, surrounded by sigh-inducing things like candles or a glass of wine. If hygge was a sound, it would be Reeves' music.

His style makes the listener feel like they've simply stumbled upon him playing. It isn't showy, it's not gimmicky, and it's refreshing to see a young up-and-comer focusing wholeheartedly on the artform rather than image and perceived persona. There is also something so Parisian about his sound-maybe it's the jazz influence, or maybe it's the romanticized way he expresses heartbreak. Whatever it may be, it creates an inviting and warm atmosphere.


That being said, Reeves' wordplay is remarkably raw and inventive and shouldn't be overshadowed by his impressive musicianship. The lyrics, "My faith and your faith don't get along at all / In my head we're silver / In your head we're good as gold," detail a major disconnect in a relationship. Reeves addresses the underlying meaning of his new single, sharing,

"'Good As Gold' is about falling for someone that you have nothing in common with, but they’re totally oblivious. And I wanted to kick the EP off with a song that has a strong meaning and a naughty guitar solo."

The guitar solo is, in fact, naughty, and provides the perfect acoustic space to absorb the lyrics presented in the chorus. "Good As Gold" is stripped down to the bare basics, cutting out any unnecessary sounds and allowing the listener to breathe with the absences.

Go get a fuzzy blanket, light a candle, and listen to "Good As Gold" below: