EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Adam Jensen Comes To Terms With Lost Love In “You Don’t Love Me Like Before”


The first time our ears were graced with Adam Jensen's sonic force was over a year ago with the unapologetically catchy hit, "Drugs." Since then, the Boston native has maintained a steady no-holds-barred reputation–relative to both his brutally honest lyrical content and his explosive alternative-meets-electronic production. In his latest, "You Don't Love Me Like Before," Jensen maintains that commanding persona we've come to love while introducing a more emotionally introspective side of his artistic psyche.  

"You Don't Love Me Like Before" explores the universal emotions of sadness, regret, and eventual acceptance and growth that stem from the disintegration of a deep-seated romantic relationship. Like most of Jensen's previous singles, and as a broader symbol of his personal journey, "You Don't Love Me Like Before" tackles one of life's most difficult losses but also offers an invaluable cautionary tale for the future. He shared a heartfelt note on the song's background,

“I think this is probably the saddest song I've ever wrote. It's about that moment you realize it, the moment it hits you–she doesn't love you like before. Whether it be the look in her eye or the way she moves–something about it just isn't the same anymore. Not that she doesn't love you anymore, but that she doesn't love you like before (which is probably worse if you think about it)…and it's all your fault. Hits ya like a brick to the face or a knife to the stomach–and I know what both of those things feel like. 

On a broader level the song is about heartache and retrospect. Looking back at the things you did wrong. Looking back on a love that was right there under your nose but you just didn't know it or take care of it."

Your first listen of "You Don't Love Me Like Before" is below: