EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: American Pets Uncover Beauty In The Mundane With  ‘Doing The Best We Can’ EP


Meet American Pets, the LA indie-rock band that's channeling melancholic lyrics into chilled out indie beats. Consisting of Aidin Sadeghi, Eric Cannata, Bret Leinen, and Francois Comtois, the four-piece is keen on varying up their performances - each member rotating in lead vocals and instrumentation all the while collaborating to create cohesive lyrical narratives. Also members of the acclaimed band Young the Giant, Eric Cannata and Francois Comtois bring the alternative speak-to-sing style to the new group, while drawing influence from the likes of The Velvet Underground as well.

Debuting with a seven track EP entitled Doing The Best We Can, the band shared,

"We are old friends who’ve grew up writing music together in the suburbs of Orange County, California. This collection of songs is a true collaboration and displays our different writing styles and voices. The record is called 'Doing The Best We Can' and is about finding beauty in everyday melancholy. At the end of the day, we are all just doing the best we can."

The opening track, "Forgetting," foreshadows the album's purpose: to find "the beauty in everyday melancholy," as said by American Pets. It's soothing and almost ghostly, as you gently get lost in that sad acoustic guitar. 

"Dying Alone," the album's second track, was released as a single on Feb. 14 as a seemingly anti-Valentine's Day anthem. However contradictory to the overall vibe of the track, it brings attention - lyrically - to the happiness in singleness, and begs to question: "You’re your own best friend / Isn’t it lovely?“ The band plans to release a music video follow up on Feb. 21. 


"Bad Dream" is easily anticipated as the most popular track on the EP. It prompts a nostalgic suburban quality that could be compared to watching Rocco's Modern Life on a Saturday in 1997. With groovy bass, inviting harmonies that breakdown into psychedelic keys and intermingling conversation, "Bad Dream" is a track to blast. Imagine listening with the windows down, wind blowing in your hair as you coast off down the road to nowhere. 

Reflecting the bluesy Americana of an early Bright Eyes record, "Birds Of A Feather" chronicles the ability to have hope when things are falling apart. It also carries retro appeal with its whistling, shrill xylophonic drops, and happy-go-lucky melody that so eerily conjures American Horror Story's 1952 freak show to mind. "Birds Of A Feather" certainly leaves a lasting impression. 

Bidding listeners farewell is "Trick of the Trade," a calming and reflective track that channels both a sweeter electric guitar interlaced with caressing acoustics. Certainly Bon Iver in nature, "Trick of the Trade" stays consistent with the melancholic theme as American Pets advises "there's not a thing you can do that we haven't seen before." 

Overall, Doing The Best We Can provides listeners a backdrop to their every day lives. It's made to be listened throughout the normalcy of reality, and encourages fans to embrace the simple pleasures that come along with it. We look forward to hearing American Pets perform live when they will hit the stage at the Moroccan Lounge in LA on Feb. 23. Grab your tickets here and get your first exclusive listen to Doing The Best We Can below: