EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Arms Akimbo- “Miscommunication”


Why do we love today's premiere of "Miscommunication"? Because it satisfies both ends of the emotional spectrum: while the lyrics accurately depict a negative situation that we can all relate to, the overall sound is still cheerful and fun to [obliviously] sing along with.

"Miscommunication" covers contrasting perspectives on a precarious romantic relationship, leading to fundamental ultimatum: "I'll take a chance if you tell me what we're fighting for." Peter Schrupp of the band shared,

"Lyrically it touches on themes of communication breakdown–the tension between characters who can't make a connection. Chris and I both sing on it and play the roles of two different emotional levels. That's the fun of it for me. Chris' verses work through the conversation and the smooth drive of the song. When his character can't connect, I come in with the sort of clashy chorus. It's like a story and we get to be Jekyll and Hyde. Ultimately, this song is about a feeling–an evoked sense of a build and decay of some sort of relationship, whatever it may be…"

Arms Akimbo is the union of four college friends, Peter Schrupp, Christopher Kalil, Colin Boppell, and Matt Sutton from Los Angeles. Their debut EP, Vignettes, delivered enough feel-good indie rock magic to garner fan support and launch their young careers in a promising direction. Followed by an Echo Park Rising performance and a very successful single with "Michigan," we're looking forward to what the future holds for Arms Akimbo.

Follow the band on Spotify for the official release of "Miscommunication" tomorrow, Oct. 20. In the meantime, your exclusive stream is below.