EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Arms Akimbo Dive into the Gentler Side of Indie Rock on “Parachute”


The first new release from Arms Akimbo in a year, "Parachute" premieres on Ones To Watch today. A band that rarely requires heavy interpretation to try to describe their sound, Arms Akimbo is back and continuing to impress with their pure indie rock. "Parachute" is a driving song with a drifting feel, rife with the frustration and funneled emotion of a "tumultuous relationship." 

"Parachute" opens with a reverb-y plucked guitar riff and steady kick drum that guides listeners gently throughout most of the song. Well-crafted, intentionally raw vocals enter soon, at times semi-yelling proclamations like, "I just want to get out of my room / and I'll drive you home," "I made another scene in the living room," and the piercing truth, "I haven't said a thing that I've felt…"

By the time the new track hits the three minute mark, the band slows it down for us, playing with extended, downtempo electric guitar licks and a grounded bass line to support the smoothly-sung lyrics, "My coat is big enough for two / If you're catchin', what I'm driftin' // You've pierced my baggy parachute / Now I'm falling / And I watch you." Just when listeners feel unable to stand the quietly lurking tension, the band kicks back in for the final build up and culmination of the song - another fitting repetition of "I can't stand it."

Incredibly self-aware, the LA-based band shared their great insight into the many facets of "Parachute," explaining:

"There's a lot about feeling unsure. There is a lot about dissatisfaction and until the chorus, it kinda feels like you're frustratedly stuck in your room. When it hits you finally take that step outside.

…This song is essentially the bridge between where we were and where we are. It's bombastic. It's energetic and poppy. But it… emphasizes how much we love harmonies and how heavily folk music has influenced us. It still nods to our 'Michigan' and 'Little Insensitive' era, but we are on a new horizon. This song live feels really vulnerable. I drop my guitar for most of it and I get to scream into everyone's face. Once the song really sets in, I feel a sense of community and warmth from my band and the crowd."

The indie four-piece consists of Peter Schrupp, Christopher Kalil, Matthew Sutton, and Colin Boppell, a lively gang who met in college while studying studio recording at Loyola Marymount University. Arms Akimbo broke onto the scene self-producing their debut EP Vignettes from April 2015, followed by three singles released throughout 2016. "Michigan" became a viral hit for the band, now with over 800,00 streams on Spotify and rising to #48 on the platform's Global Viral Charts within a month. The last of the 2016 batch, "Miscommunications" premiered on Ones To Watch almost exactly a year ago.

Arms Akimbo has been busy in the interim playing plenty of shows throughout LA, with perhaps their highlight of summer 2017 being performing live at the Santa Monica Pier's Twilight Show Series, opening for none other than the legendary Eric Burdon & The Animals. We've also heard that fans' appetites for more new music will soon be satisfied with a fresh EP, set to release this fall 2017.

Follow the band to stay posted for exciting upcoming news, and dive into your first listen of Arms Akimbo's new "Parachute" below: