EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Axel Mansoor Makes A Compelling Debut With “Wasted My Love”

At first glance, one may assume "Wasted My Love" is just another song about heartbreak, self-pity, and regret…not so fast. One attentive listen elucidates quite the opposite: through uplifting instrumentation and lyricism, LA-based singer/songwriter Axel Mansoor effectively advocates notions of independence, betterment, and self-love in his debut single.   

While it accurately conveys the not-so-pleasant emotions associated with an unrequited romance, "Wasted My Love" approaches such downfalls with a positive and forward-moving mentality. Such transformational themes fall perfectly in line with Mansoor's general motto towards life: he wants us to embrace our flaws, as "the contrast they create makes us who we are; from our flaws, our strengths arise." He expanded,

"To me, 'Wasted My Love' is a pump-up song and emotional wake-up-call for the ones who feel lost. The greatest thing ever for this song would be if it can jolt even one person into discovering a sense of identity and self-worth. I feel like once you find that, and you demand respect for it from yourself and the world around you, you can start to shatter all these barriers we place on ourselves.“

In true artist's fashion, he added a bit of imagery behind the compelling track,

"I don't have synesthesia (I totally wish I did), but for some reason I strongly associate certain songs of mine with colors/visuals. 'Wasted My Love' is absolutely a deep smoky purple with flashes of lightning…the next release is much more of a yellow green spinning carnival thing. Just get inside of my head and you'll see it totally makes sense."

In that case, we'll be patiently awaiting the next single as well. Your first listen of "Wasted My Love" is below, and you can follow Axel Mansoor for more to come!