EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: B00TY Gets Down on the Dancefloor in Retro “Funky Sista” Video


The perfect partners for your next wild night out, LA-based singers and producers B00TY are bringing back the best of old-school funk and soul that inspires their own music. Ones To Watch is happy to premiere the electro-funk duo's new music video for "Funky Sista" - lighthearted and retro, full of on-point toe-tapping, and sure to leave you grinning from ear to ear.

Setting the scene, B00TY's live band jams on stage at a dance club, and we are immediately walloped with an intensely irresistible vintage disco-pop wall of sound. High falsettos alternate with digitally-altered, bass-heavy vocal effects to talk up the crowd, as electric guitar and synth riffs play off each other throughout the song. The story unfolds as we center in on two pairs of well-clad feet clearly made for dancing, facing numerous (and outrageously humorous) obstacles as they stride from opposite ends of the club to meet each other in a show-stopping, star-crossed dance. As B00TY simply puts it, "Well, we say the word 'feet' a lot in this song, so it made sense that the video reflect that…and, no, neither of us has a foot fetish."

With a background studying theater, film, and television at UCLA, where B00TY's Edan Freiberger and Adam Epelbaum met (and collaborated as actors, writers, and directors), it is no wonder this artistic duo consistently crafts music videos so cinematic and narrative-driven in nature. Even though they "don't take themselves too seriously," fans can easily see and appreciate B00TY's attention to detail and thought-out stories time and time again, both lyrical and visual.

Also meeting the pair at UCLA, Nick Smith directed the well-produced video for "Funky Sista." The founder of YouTube comedy sketch group Extremely Decent, Smith currently has a show in development for FX with the co-creator of Rick and Morty, Dan Harmon. Jojo Nwoko and Ziara Smith are the two exceptionally expressive dancers starring in the new B00TY music video. On keys is the duo's engineer and collaborator, Connor Irias, and featured on the song itself is bassist Devon Geyer (frontman of Decorations). Further adding to the talent surrounding B00TY's latest song, "Funky Sista" was mixed by Aleks Von Korff, who's worked on Coldplay, Lady Gaga, and Bleachers.

You might also do a double take during the video's opening shots, and for good reason - yes, that is a child at the helm of the drums, but it's not just any random kid. Child star Lonnie Chavis is cast as the band's fictional drummer, recognizable from his regular TV roles in Showtime's White Famous and NBC's This Is Us. This is a welcomed repeat appearance now for Lonnie, as he also starred in B00TY's passionately soulful "HOLY" video from 2016. The B00TY duo seriously love this kid, joking, "When we grow up we want to be Lonnie."

As the newest addition to Interscope Geffen Records, "Funky Sista" is B00TY's second single with the label. We can't wait to see what's next from the rising pair as they continue to carve out their own distinct pop-meets-funkadelic space in LA's music scene.

Get your retro funk fix and watch "Funky Sista," the exclusive new video from B00TY below: