EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Bantug Outlines Loyalty with Dreamy Pop Single, “Shapes”

Amanda Bantug is a Nashville native with an affinity for equating colors with human emotion. Following the 2017 release of her debut EP, Blue, Bantug explores different shades of relationships and self exploration alike with her single "Shapes." Taken from her upcoming EP, Red, "Shapes" explores losing a friend to a relationship, as she sings, "Enough time has passed with your same lover, your presence is gone and we're over trying to get back to you." She produced many of the tracks in her own room, with the help of co-producer Grayson Proctor, which comes across in the vulnerability and intimacy of the tracks.

Bantug shared,

“This is a really personal one. It’s about how some people just dive into their relationships and forget about the people that have been in their life. I would like to think I’m a very loyal friend and have felt forgotten so many times, and it hurts so much every single time. I don’t think it’s anyone’s intention to forget a good friend, but when you enter into a relationship, you start to see changes within yourself, and these are the ‘shapes’ I’m referring to.”

Bantug has a straight-toned and simple voice that soars over the 80s-esque dreamy tracks she creates, allowing the focus of her music to be her expertly-crafted lyrics. The vintage feel of her tracks plays into the imagery she creates, powdering the music with intense nostalgia. Bare and exposed vocals on the verses of "Shapes" make the thick swirling harmonies on the choruses pop even more, creating an anti-pop anthem that begs to be featured on an independent film.

Born in Atlanta, Bantug quickly established herself as one of those people who can play essentially anything she picks up, from drums to guitar to double bass, not to mention her prolific songwriting ability. On top of her musical abilities, she is able to break down the issues that plague the mind in colors, which clearly sets her apart from other up and coming indie/pop artists.

Bantug is now taking the Nashville music scene by storm, and topped Nashville Scene's year-end list of favorite local EPs with Blue.

Look out for her new EP, Red, and discover which shade you prefer.