EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Brooke Annibale- "Alright (jcm Remix)"

"If we love each other, then honey it'll be alright." Such a simple yet deeply resonant line from Brooke Annibale's "Alright." More than a year after its debut on Annibale's The Simple Fear album, Jeremy McDonald has delivered an incredibly raw and romantic rendition of folky acoustic original.

Brought to you by the producer who's worked with the likes of Beyonce and Kevin Garrett, this remix accomplishes the not-so-easy feat of retaining the original song's core essence while completely transforming its outward sound. Brooke Annibale's ethereal vocals remain at the forefront (as they should), while jcm's subtle electronic flair lends this song an even higher level of emotional sincerity. 

Annibale gave more insight on the goal behind the collaboration, noting,

“The goal of these remixes was to strip back some of the layers and bring some of the more electronic elements forward. Of the four remixes, this one is definitely the most stripped down. I think it really brings out the romantic side of this song that you don't quite feel in the driving folk-rock original version of the song.”

Needless to say, we'll be throwing Brooke Annibale and jcm on next time we're feeling the love with that special someone. Listen to more of their collaborations here, and enjoy your first listen of the latest remix above.