EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Carter Reeves & Abhi The Nomad Soar to Grand Heights in “Fly High”


It's a fact of life that at some time or another we all find ourselves at a crossroads, a transitional moment in time where we are forced to ask ourselves, "So, what next?" As for how we ultimately decide to approach these inevitable crossroads, the decision varies widely, but never has an artist made being stuck at a metaphorical crossroad sound as great as Carter Reeves does in "Fly High."

"Fly High" is the product of Carter Reeves, formerly half of alternative hip-hop duo Aer, Abhi The Nomad, and the sonic embodiment of those very first steps taken while at one of those aforementioned forks in the road. However, the subsequent sonic transformation may not be what you would originally expect. "Fly High" is not a song that feels like it's at a juncture, despite its thematic content. It's a song that is fully aware of its strengths, making the most of its artists to give off a feeling of floating effortlessly through the air.


As a matter of fact, Reeves' smooth-as-molasses vocal stylings, Abhi's impressive feats of vocal acrobatics, and the tantalizing bouts of production on display paint a serene picture of absolute bliss. Indeed, it's as if Reeves and Abhi, through some form of musical sorcery, have whisked us away to a far-off scenic paradise. As for how the spectacle of the track that is "Fly High" came to fruition, Reeves was kind enough to share a few words with us,

"I wrote this track in a transitional point in my life. I had packed everything up and moved west, and was having trouble finding my next move. Everyone has those moments where they're unsure which direction is next. This is my inner voice reminding me that dwelling will get you nowhere, you just have to keep looking up."

"Fly High" does inevitably find itself standing at an intersection - that intersection being the perfect juncture of pop and R&B.

Take your first listen to "Fly High" below: