EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Castelle Deconstructs His Multifaceted Debut EP ‘Polychromatic’


Introductions are one of the most consistently challenging things for anyone, let alone an artist. After all, how do you go about introducing yourself to the world as an artist? To debut a project is to make a definitive statement about not only what you have crafted but who you are yourself as an artist. It is because of these hurdles that Castelle’s debut can be signaled as something truly worthy of notice and acclaim. With Polychromatic, Castelle introduces himself to the world as a multitalented artist with an impeccable gift for crafting infectious works of sonic perfection across a range of genres.

Marco Terenzi, the 21-year-old visionary behind Castelle, hails from Detroit, which is all too fitting when considering the city’s historic tradition for developing some the most respected artists in the realm of electronic music. And if Polychromatic is any indication of the future that awaits Castelle, it would come as no surprise to see Terenzi listed as yet another electronic artist from Detroit who permanently left their mark on the genre.

To explain Polychromatic as merely a great debut is to do it an injustice. Polychromatic would be considered a phenomenal project for an artist at any stage in their career. The fact that it is Castelle’s debut makes it all the more impressive. It’s a sonic kaleidoscope, reflecting a dazzling combination of genres, from house, bossa nova, to lounge jazz–all of which never fail to fascinate. Rather than focus on a strict sense of cohesion, Castelle allows himself to explore the full range of this music spectrum to create something bursting at the seams with color. 

So rather than attempt to fully convey the brilliance of this multifaceted debut, from what is bound to be one of electronic music’s brightest stars, I am honored to have Castelle himself break down every track on his stunning debut EP, Polychromatic.


1. “Polychromatic”

“‘Polychromatic’ came from my desire to have an instrumentally focused track to tie the EP together. Once the instrumental was laid out, I had klei, who also appears on ‘Everything’s Alright,’ record the vocals, as it fit her tone and range really well. ‘Polychromatic’ is a very personal song to me, the lyrics and production were something that I had been itching to get out, so the result was something super authentic that sets the tone for this project. 

The lyrics came out of me during a time when I felt I had so much to offer the world, but I also felt that everything I was able to give through my art was being taken for granted and underappreciated. I believe most artists battle with this kind of feeling at some point and can resonate with this experience.”

2. “We Don’t Need To Dance” 

“‘We Don’t Need To Dance’ is “Jazz meets Electronic.” As soon as I came up with the chords I knew this song would have such a nighttime lounge feel, however, it was super important to me that it maintained energy and intensity. I think those two feelings interplay so nicely between the calm swung rhythms and that heavy, driven, drop. Nic Hanson absolutely killed the vocals and lyrics on this song. As soon as I heard the first vocal demo I knew it was a perfect match, he brings so much soul and swagger to the song. 

The song emphasizes the feeling of not needing to ‘go out’ to have fun and feel alive. Much of the time, the best moments are the simple ones, spent with friends or someone you love, rather than strangers in a ‘heartless’ crowd.”


3. “Teledrone” 

“‘Teledrone’ is a groovy wildcard and one of my personal favorites. I’ve never heard a song like it in my life. It was written over the course of a few months by myself and my talented friend austenyo. The track evolved so much, with a lot of back and forth between Austen and I. In the end, we had a song that pushed us past our creative and musical boundaries.

The lyrics of this song embody the feeling of ‘droning’ uncertainty that many of us go through at some point in life. Like most art, the concept can be applied to anything; uncertainty with a lover, one’s professional life, or one’s passions and dreams. It’s all about that battle we have with our selves, the back and forth about whether we are making the right decisions.”

4. “Everything’s Alright” 

“‘Everything’s Alright’ is definitely the mellowest track of the EP. The production and instrumentation stems from some chords I strummed on a ukulele. From there the vibe was set and I knew where to take it. The melody and jazzy progression give such a sense of comfort and nostalgia to me. I brought the track to klei for a topline, as I felt it was right up her alley. After some back and forth we finally arrived at a vocal that lifted the track to where it just felt so right.

The lyrics touch on the experience of a disconnection with someone close. This song is about not understanding a person or their ways (a loved one, a friend), but being ok with it and trusting that everything will be alright.”