EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Cat Clyde Embodies the Spirit of “The River” in New Acoustic Folk Single


Ones To Watch artist Cat Clyde is premiering her latest poignant, acoustic folk single "The River" today, released via Cinematic Music Group. A new gem we've discovered out of Stratford, Ontario, the humble talent digs into themes of change and the flow of time in her new song just in time for winter, embracing feelings of smallness and isolation as an opportunity to reconnect with the welcoming soul of the surrounding natural world.

As the old saying goes, throughout our lives, people will come and go with the seasons. In "The River," Cat Clyde takes a stripped-down musical approach to share her own perspective on this universal experience. The song sways along as Cat sings with a lilting, lovely bit of grit. Soaring into her higher register, she lyrically employs a central metaphor of herself as a river, tumbling and turning on her journey through life. Mourning the end of a presumably profound relationship, Cat sings, "As the summer ends I think of our last goodbye / It's hard to imagine the seasons without you by my side / And I know this winter is going to be especially cold // Like the river / I roll along."

Describing the thought process behind the simple arrangement of "The River," Cat shares:

“I decided to record this song very naturally, and with no other instrumentation because it is a very intimate and personal song.”

Creating a stark but gradually uplifting mood to match the initial lonely headspace it can be easy to find yourself in after a tough separation, Cat resolves the song with a newfound inner strength. "Time's they are a'changing / …and everything I ever knew will never be the same," she sings in the opening lines, setting the song up with a surprisingly ambiguous statement that can take on either negative or positive connotations, up for philosophical interpretation.

Seeking out peace after her ever-evolving internal world has been shaken up, the observant singer-songwriter takes notice of the simple but pure moments happening in the outside world around her. Finding oneness with the natural world around her, Cat seems to discover a newly found home in an unexpected place full of life and growth.

Earlier this year Cat released her debut EP Ivory Castanets (May 2017), and rode the wave of her lead single "Mama Said," which has racked up over 6 million Spotify streams. Confidently making her first artistic statement, Cat introduced herself as a fresh lyricist with an old soul. She recently played Los Angeles at the Bootleg Theater, wrapping up her first self-titled 2017 headline tour tonight at her last stop in Denver.

Bask in the sweet simplicity of the intimate, folky new song from Cat Clyde, "The River," below: