EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Cherub- “Very Rare” Live Video

If you haven't heard of Cherub, then you might be sold solely based on the title of their latest album: Bleed Gold, Piss Excellence.

Said to be an ode to that pompous "Bobby Bottle Servicing It Up" in the overly bougie VIP area of the nightclub, the band says "It's a tongue-in-cheek ode to [those guys], but we recognize it's okay to have a tiny drop of that pompous attitude in you. You should have that kind of confidence; just don't let it consume you!" Definitely words from the wise.

Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber make up the two halves that originated Cherub, the genre-bending band that mixes dance, funk, rock, and infuses it with electronic pop-synth sounds. Rounding out the band's live sound are drummer-slash-producer Nick Curtis, and guitarist Jordan "JB" Bartlett.

The guys have released an exclusive live video of their song, "Very Rare," a tune with dusty-slash-heavy hip hop-esque drums, layered up with distorted guitars and a sweet vocal track reminiscent of Prince. The guys commented on the video,

 "When we settled into rehearsals for the Bleed Gold Tour with our crew, everything felt huge! The new tunes, the new lights, even the warehouse itself…everything felt like a Foo Fighters music video! Our concept was simple: 'This feels great, let's film it!'"

Check out your first look of the video above. Bleed Gold, Piss Excellence is available now on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.