While we're reluctant to admit it, an all-compassing, structured formula for building a flourishing artist career unfortunately does not exist. However, the good news is that there are two qualities which undoubtedly contribute to a deeper connection with yourself and your fans: vulnerability and versatility. With today's premiere of "Prayers," Nicholas Monjarez a.k.a. Clans demonstrates both ancillary traits with flying colors…not to mention, the song is sonically stunning. 

"Prayers" is Clans' second-ever solo release following a particularly captivating debut with "Alibi" in March 2016. The doo-wop anthem established him as a compelling force in the emerging artist space, received abundant praise from his peers, and garnered opening offers from the likes of Banks and Crywolf. With the arrival of "Prayers," Clans manifests his multi-genre capabilities, moving effortlessly from playful and upbeat to a somber and downtempo tone.

From the opening words, "My mother cries almost every night," we can already feel an overwhelming sense of raw emotion packed into five minutes of a slow-burning acoustics and lyrics depicting faith as a false remedy for pure desolation and desperation. Born and raised in Detroit, Clans grew up in a religious household and was heavily integrated in mission trips and church retreats. It wasn't until he turned 18 that he strayed away from the preordained path, moving to Los Angeles and making a name for himself until the alias Clans. He gave us more context on his personal inspiration behind "Prayers," commenting,

“‘Prayers’ is about seeing my parents & other couples, struggling to make love work in dead end relationships, where one person is clearly taking advantage of the other. Watching them waiting, praying to a higher power to save them from their misery, instead of finding the strength within themselves.”

"Prayers" will be available via iTunes and Spotify, but you can enjoy your exclusive stream in the meantime below.