EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Clans Tiptoes The Line Between Friendship & Fun In “Ride”


Another glorious sunlit weekend is nearly upon us, and Clans' latest single is your ultimate "Ride" in. The Los Angeles producer, songwriter, vocalist, & guitarist has constructed a groovy ode to those carefree nights out on the town, the ones where blurry, serendipitous exchanges turn into potentially soul-binding connections…if you so choose to partake. 

Clans initially landed on our radar and drew us in for the longhaul with his lighthearted, doo-wop debut, "Alibi." Since then, he's proved his multi-faceted, eclectic range of talent with the more downtempo, folk-centric "Prayers" and the experimental-leaning emotional rollercoaster, "Glendale." With its dynamic production and semi-comical lyricism, "Ride" signals a swift return to that high-spirited, dance-inducing style that captivated us in "Alibi." Nonetheless, the new single maintains Clans' core purpose for pursuing music, and the meaning behind his artist moniker–to connect with and tie individuals together with emotive and relatable songwriting.   

Niko Monjarez (Clans) shared some honest insight on his personal meaning behind "Ride,"

“It’s all about sexual tension & questionable intentions. Finding the line between friendship & fun when meeting new women is a bit tricky, and sometimes a bit blurry. LA is filled with beautiful people & my will power often weakens with curves, big eyes, and a great smile. What starts out as a friendly exchange, often ends in an invitation to 'Ride'…don’t tell my parents.”

Your first listen of "Ride" is below.