EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Cody Lovaas Hopes to Prove You Wrong in New Single


SoCal surfer Cody Lovaas releases his first single of 2018 entitled "Prove It" tomorrow, Jan. 26. Laid-back and unpretentious, "Prove It" is lyrically wholehearted and sonically refreshing. 

A dictation of intention, Cody reveals, "I got a reputation, but you make me want to change it / you make me want to prove it," despite his love interest's hesitance - "I can feel you hesitate and I want to show you I want you / I can feel that you're afraid." "Prove It" exposes the fear that new love proposes. It's a risk on both sides.

Cody gives us this quote behind the making of "Prove It:" 

_"'Prove It' is about a girl who comes into your life, but is hesitant to move closer due to what she’s heard about you. The song is really all about the journey you go on to prove to her that you’re much more than your reputation. I wrote this song with Jake Scott and Geoffro. At the time, I only had little glimpses of this feeling. Funny enough, about two weeks after I wrote 'Prove It,' I met the girl that took me through this exact situation." _

Known for his abilities on the guitar, Cody provides a more mellow approach to "Prove It." Focusing on lighthearted riffs, deep bass, and electronic tendencies, it's definitely radio-worthy. "Prove It" is the first of a series of singles Cody has in the works as the year progresses. With previous placements on some of Spotify's biggest playlists like Chill Vibes and Pop Chillout, we can only expect an even bigger year for this surfer-turned-singer/songwriter. 

Growing up in the quiet, beach town of Carlsbad, California, Cody developed a deep love for the ocean. Taking to surfing in his downtime, his songwriting became an avid love affair. After releasing two major singles in 2017, "Lie" and "Bodies," Cody is eager to crank out more infectious songs for his growing fanbase. "Prove It" shows just how serious this young artist is; his songwriting is infectious and so easily relatable. 

Get your first listen to "Prove It" below: