EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Cool Company Channels Anger into an Absolute Sonic Joy in “Be More Mad”


It's said one is defined by the company they keep. Well, if the timeless saying is true, then Cool Company are without a doubt the sort of musical company you want in your inner circle. Comprised of New Jersey natives, vocalist Cool Yan and multi-instrumentalist and producer Fat Matt, Cool Company is an R&B duo quite like no other. The duo seamlessly blends together elements of funk, soul, pop, electronic, and hip-hop to present a uniquely forward-thinking and futuristic take on R&B, as is evidently apparent in their newest single, "Be More Mad."

Despite the song's title, it's hard to be even remotely mad while listening to this pure sonic joy. "Be More Mad" opens on a monumental high note, with Cool Company wasting no time in introducing us to some of their strongest talents. From the outset, we're introduced to Yan's effortless vocals that float alongside Matt's superb use of organic instruments, before the song evolves further through an array of inventive production techniques. The entirety of it all gives "Be More Mad" a wonderful sense of weightlessness, sweeping the listener up in their hypnotically relaxed and upbeat bouts of vocal acrobatics, varied instrumentation, and superb production.


And while "Be More Mad" is undeniably the feat of a skilled producer and vocalist coming together to create something magnificent, a closer look reveals more than that. Within Yan's lyricism, underlies an almost ironic and highly aware sense of self and the world around him. In regard to the underlying theme and creation of "Be More Mad," Cool Yan was kind enough to share a few words with us,

"I wrote this song about all the terrible shit that's been happening in the world. And, I feel like I should be more mad about it. I feel like I should be more riled up and pissed off than I actually am."

This sentiment resounds throughout the entirety of "Be More Mad," particularly in its latter moments where the song opens up to envelop the listener in a sonic representation of this seeming disconnection. While it's certain that the world will continue to give us spades of things to be mad about, Cool Company has provided a monetary break from all of that, presenting us with three-and-a-half soaring minutes of utter joy.

Take your first listen to Cool Company's "Be More Mad" below: